Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Up

Sup bros and brodettes. I'm startin' a new blog to look professional-like. So I'll be posting drawings/doodles/animation as much as possible. At least that's the plan. SO LOOK AT SOME SKETCHBOOK STUFF

 More nudes!
 A character I've been drawing since I was like 13 & random thumbnails
 My hero
 Character I created for possible future animated series. Maybe?
 Monster thing
 Shots for film idea I had. Related to above pic
 More Adventure Time
 Some lizard guy
 Characters for another film idea
 Sexy lady
 Another Monster
 What'chu lookin' at?
 Thinking of animating this little guy

So that's it for this post. Sorry about the shit quality. Had to use my camera, which is terrible. Next time I'll try to scan at the school since my scanner doesn't work for some unknown reason. See ya

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